4 Things You Should Never Store in Your Self-Storage Unit

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Ryan Moore
July 14th, 2021

4 Things You Should Never Store in Your Self-Storage Unit

When getting a storage unit, it’s easy to feel like you just want to throw everything you’ve ever owned into the unit. But be advised, there are some things that are just not meant to go in a storage unit. Some times thing is for the safety or the storage unit facility and sometimes if for your belongs safety.

Perishable Food
A safety rule of storage units that many people don’t realize or follow, that food is not allowed in the units. This is not only to keep the storage facility from smelling but also to keep insects and rodents away from the units. The last thing anyone wants is bugs and flies in their storage units. That’s why storage unit facilities enforce this rule the way they do. Be respectful of your space and the other people renting storage units around you and keep the food at home.

Hazardous Materials
You are not allowed to store hazardous materials in your self-storage unit. Any items that if they spiled would create damage to the storage unit classify as hazardous. Hazardous materials are anything that is flammable, corrosive, or explosive. These materials create a risk to not only your unit but for the units around you. Chemicals, gases, gasoline, propane tanks, lamp oil, cleaning materials, paint thinner and paint, pesticides, and car batteries are among some of the hazardous materials you are not allowed to store in a self-storage unit. When storing leaf blowers, lawnmowers, or chain saws, they need to be drained of oil and duel before you store them in your unit.

Damp or Scented Items
Self-storage units must be kept dry and scentless for two reasons. One, because as mentioned above, scents in the unit can attract rodents, insects, and other pests to the facility which is why it is not allowed. Two, anything in your storage unit that is damp, even slightly, will produce mold and mildew. This can spread around your unit and damage everything you have stored. If you have anything that you feel is susceptible to mold, try to keep it high on a shelf away from the floor that can be affected by humidity. There are also moisture-absorbing packets you can buy to keep your space clean and dry.

Any Living Thing
This may seem like a given but you’d be surprised how many people try to store plants, animals and on the rare occasion themselves within their units. We don’t think we need to tell you why you should store your pets in a storage unit, but in case you’re considering it, please don’t. It’s highly unsafe for pets and human beings to live in a storage unit as the airflow isn’t healthy and it’s wrong. Plants are also a bad idea for storage units as they will die due to lack of sunlight and their soil attracts moisture, which, as stated attracts pests, rodents, and bugs.

As long as you follow these rules we’re sure your experience renting a self-storage unit will be helpful and pleasant.

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