A Guide to Picking the Best Self-Storage Size

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

We’ve all had that situation where we decided on storage space to get there and find out that we chose an area that was too small for the number of things or a large amount of space left. It can be very annoying to estimate how much space you’ll need for your storage, primarily if the things you need to put in storage are spread all over your home. But no matter how much or how little you need to put in a storage unit, here are some tips to assist you with finding the right self-storage for your needs.
A Guide to Picking the Best Self-Storage Size
Take Inventory of Your Things
Make a list of any furniture, boxes, appliances, and anything else that will be going into the unit to help you organize. Count up the number of boxes, ranging from all sizes, and begin to organize them in one space. Measure any larger objects like bikes and sofas to give you a better understanding of how large you’ll need the space to be.
Visit the Storage Space
Before making a decision on the size of a unit and reserving, you can visit to see for yourself which size unit you would prefer to get a better sense. Sometimes getting a visualization of space in person can be more helpful for understanding how much room you’ll need. You can also bring a tape measurer or ask someone the dimensions of each of the spaces you’re looking at for your storage.
Use a Size Guide
If visiting the self-storage place is not available before dropping your stuff off, you can also use a size guide that won’t require you to leave your home. A size guide can be an easy way to determine the size of the space that you’ll need, but it’s important to first measure the size of your furniture and boxes so you know what to choose.
Load Up a Moving Van
If you already have a moving van that you’re going to use to transport your storage, you can start filling it up as you pack things away. The moving truck’s dimensions can help you gain an understanding of the size of the storage space you’ll need. It is also a great way of clearing out space in your home and quickly move your things into self-storage.
Go Big
Even if you’re quite confident that you’ll not fill the space, getting a bigger self-storage than what you might need can be helpful for the future when you may want to put more things into storage. Usually getting a slightly bigger storage space is only a few bucks more and provides options later on.
In Conclusion
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