Can You Legally Change the Look of Your Storage Unit?

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Ryan Moore
February 7th, 2022

Can You Legally Change the Look of Your Storage Unit?

The traditional use for a self-storage unit is for storing excess furniture, seasonal decorations, goods, and antiques, keeping your home uncluttered and organized. But many people use storage units for other purposes, some turn their units into art studios, some set up home offices for e-commerce businesses, some people even try to live in them. Office and art studio use are allowed, as long as you run it past the facility manager, but living in the unit is unfortunately illegal. Depending on what you want to do within your storage unit, you may want to change the look or layout, so in this blog, we’ll go over what you’re allowed and not allowed to do to revamp your unit’s design.

What Is Allowed
You can set up the design of your unit to whatever your aesthetic is so feel free to get creative! Hanging things on the walls is legal and creates a comfortable space, but be advised, most units are made entirely of concrete and you may not be able to get a nail into the walls. There are a lot of hanger options that stick to the wall with water resident strips meaning it won’t be a problem. You are legally allowed to use large and small carpets, any furniture, and decorative accessories you want. Due to the fact that most storage units have power sources, you are also legally allowed to alter the unit’s look and feel with lights and lamps, which you’ll need given how dark storage units can be.

Tip: Using window frames as decorations can help to change the vibe of your storage unit quickly and effectively. Almost all self-storage units are windowless, which can wear on you If you plan to spend a lot of time inside it. Window frames give the same visual essence and are a great way to change the unit's look.

What Isn't Allowed
You are not allowed to live in a storage unit, as previously mentioned, because there isn’t adequate airflow or access to natural light. It’s illegal to keep any living thing in a storage unit so your plants, pets, and troublesome great aunt will have to stay elsewhere. The reason this is illegal is for the person or pet's safety. Plants make beautiful decorations but they attract mold so it’s illegal to keep them inside, however, fake plants are allowed!

The lack of ventilation is what keeps self-storage unit renters from being allowed to paint, as the fumes can be harmful. Nothing that is wet or holds water is allowed to a self-storage unit as it can attract bugs and pests as well as bacteria and mold growth.

Tip: Every storage facility has different rules and regulations. That's why it's always best to check your contract or ask the manager of the storage facility about the rules. You don’t want to be in a situation where you break your contract and are penalized.

There are a lot of changes one can make to change the way your storage unit feels, and simple decorations go a long way. However, you have to be sure that your contract and storage facility allows the changes you want, so always check first!

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