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Tips for RV and Car Storage During the Winter Months

Rv And Car Storage In Newton Nc And Conover Nc

It’s that time of year again when the cold and snowy weather takes over. That time when taking your favorite classic car out for a spin or your RV for a camping trip into the beautiful North Carolina woods is a thing of the past—at least for a couple of months. Taking advantage of RV and car storage for your recreational vehicle or car, you don’t want to collect salt for months, and ruining the paint job can be a great tool. There are some things to keep in mind, particularly for RV storage, to be sure that you properly winterize your vehicle before utilizing self-storage in Newton, NC. Today, we wanted to give you some of our tips for RV and car storage during the winter months. Drain all the water from your RV systems. Taking this step first is genuinely crucial to the success of winterizing and storing your RV. If there is water left in your system, it can freeze during storage and end up breaking fittings and lines. Avoid this costly problem by properly draining all the water from your RV. Ensure the exterior is intact. One of the last things you want to have happened is to store your RV at a self-storage in Conover, NC, and have ice or cold air leak through to the interior that causes damage. When it snows, and that snow melts, you’ll end up having water damage inside your vehicle. Be sure to take a thorough look over the entire exterior for any cracks in the roof, sidewalls, seams, windows, exterior doors, and access panels. This may be something that you want to consult with your local RV dealer or even have them handle to ensure it’s done correctly. Save the battery. Be sure you disconnected the batteries from your car or RV before storing them. This will save you time and money by keeping the battery in a cool and dry place rather than in ...

Ryan Moore
February 2nd, 2021