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5 Tips to De-Clutter Your Self-Storage Unit

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Everyone who’s used a storage facility knows the feeling of walking into your unit, looking around, and then almost calling AMC’s hoarder to help you declutter. Clutter can happen to anyone, and since storage units are often small, having organization skills is really important. In this blog, we will go over 5 tips that will help you de-clutter and re-organize your self-storage unit. Set Yourself Up For Success Before you go to your storage unit, bring 5 bins or boxes and label them as the following: Keep in the storage unit, bring home, donate, sell, throw out/trash, recycle or repurpose. This helps you when going through the clutter and organizing your things. The reason we say to label the boxes, even if you think it will be obvious, is once you make the decision to donate something often you will look back and try to change your mind. Although this is OK some of the time, mainly if you made the decision to donate something, that’s because you know, even if it’s deep down, that you don’t have a use for it anymore. Sometimes we have emotional connections to things that we really don’t have a use for. And everyone’s been guilty of trying to keep that odd ducky sculpture gift from your mother It’s ok to let things go When trying to decide what to let go of in your storage unit, a good rule of thumb is the longer something has been in storage the more likely it is clutter that you don’t need. So when looking through your unit, if you find a chair that you’ve had in storage for over a year, you probably won’t use it again. Also, remind yourself of the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” what you don’t need may make someone else very happy and it will see more use from them than it ever would from you. Take a breath and let ...

Ryan Moore
July 14th, 2021