How Can You Keep Rodents Out of Your Storage Unit

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Ryan Moore
October 29th, 2021

Finding a well-maintained, clean, and reputable storage facility can help in keeping rodents away from your unit. However, even after choosing a good facility, you still have to be careful in keeping your unit safe from unwelcome visitors. Having a storage unit can be a wonderful way to keep your life organized, but there is nothing worse than having rodents infect your unit. Not only can they eat through material and fabric, but they can also leave droppings and excrement that is unpleasant and unsanitary. In this blog, we’ll go over some tips for how to keep your self-storage unit free of rats and mice, as well as some surprising ways to deter rodents in general.

Choose The Right Unit
Before you begin storing your items in a self-storage unit, inspect it thoroughly. Make sure that there are no holes in the door to the outside or to the surrounding units that rodents could fit through. You also want to be sure that the door of the unit works properly and closes all the way. It is best to take your time and pick the right unit, rather than unload and organize all your stored items only to have to move them.

Know What You Can and Can’t Store
Storing food in your self-storage unit is a sure-fire way to invite rodents and bugs. That’s why any good storage facility doesn’t allow the storage of food. Even if it’s canned or well-sealed, it’s best to never store anything edible inside your unit. Plants can also invite critters towards your stored items as they can mold and decay and leave out a scent, so they are also forbidden.

Store Items Wrapped & Off The Floor
The items you are allowed to store in a unit should be stored off the ground. This leaves rodents with fewer hiding places and areas to breed or nest. The upholstered items you’re storing should be wrapped whenever possible in cellophane so the fabric’s protected, should a rodent get inside.

Visit The Storage Facility Regularly
You want to check on your unit often to make sure that nothing has gotten inside. Finding a facility that has pest control can also help take some of the burdens off you, and can help you feel more peace of mind.

Surprising Tips For Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Storage Unit
If you’ve struggled in the past to keep rodents out, you may want to consider trying peppermint. Soak a few cotton balls in peppermint and place them around the floor corners of your storage unit. Rodents like mice and rats hate the scent of peppermint and are less likely to come around if they smell it. Some storage unit renters also believe that dryer sheets help to deter rodents as well as vinegar, clove oil, and toothpaste.

There’s nothing worse than finally getting your home organized with the help of a self-storage unit only to have it overrun with rodents. Follow these tips to keep rodents out of your storage unit so that your items can remain safe and secure.

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