How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Self-Storage Space

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

Investing in a self-storage space should always mean that you can feel confident in your items being safe from theft, the outside elements, and even pests. Rodents and bugs can do a great deal of damage when it comes to items placed in a self-storage unit. There are specific things that you can do to prevent and keep rodents out of your self-storage space.
Find the Right Containers
The first step into making sure that your items are safe and that rodents won’t even be interested in your unit is to get heavy-duty storage containers secure. Cardboard boxes are straightforward for rodents to chew through and get to your items. Plastic containers with an air-tight lid not only eat your items safe from rodents and other pests but also protect things like books and electronics from other accidents as well. If you don’t have any plastic containers available to you, using cardboard boxes with heavy-duty duct tape should be good enough.
Check the Unit Before You Store Things
Before moving your containers and furniture into the self-storage space, be sure to look around the unit to see if there are any cracks or holes that would allow rodents into the area. You also want to check the space for any animal droppings as that is a clear sign that your items will be in danger. Take this time also to clean out the area a bit if there are any spider webs or bugs. You can spray the unit with bug spray or pest repellent. If you prefer a more natural way, there is the option of using peppermint oil, but remember only a few drops! You can also put cotton balls with peppermint oil at each of the corners and leave out mouse traps.
Keep Items off the Floor
Taking the time to put in shelves or hang items in your self-storage space is also helpful in keep rodents out. You can use bookshelves and tables that you weren’t able to disassemble as shelving space if you don’t want to add or don’t have the room to add shelving into the unit. With the use of small pellets, you can also elevate items a little bit off the floor to help deter rodents from disrupting your self-storage space.
Wrap Up Furniture
Sofas, beds, pillows, and comfy chairs are all great items for rodents and pests to burrow in. putting in the extra effort to wrap up any furniture that rodents can nest in will save you a great deal of heartache in the long run. Using heavy-duty plastic wrap is guaranteed to keep most rodents and pests out of your mattresses so you can use them again when you need them. You can also try to raise any soft pillows and mattresses off the ground to make it hard for rodents to get to them.
Keep Food Out of Your Self-Storage Space
This one shouldn’t need to be said, but everyone has a different understanding of how their self-storage space should be used. Almost every storage unit place requires you to keep food out of your unit, and it’s for a significant reason: to keep rodents out. This means that when storing kitchen appliances as well as pots, dishes, and pans, you need to make sure that you remove food from each item and are thoroughly cleaned. Leaving food in your self-storage space, even when left inside a well-taped box or air-tight plastic container, will still attract little critters who are very likely to destroy your stuff. Make sure to keep the snack at the house to keep your furniture and other items safe. This rule doesn’t just apply to human food; it’s important to keep pet food for all types of animals out of your self-storage unit.
In Conclusion
When you take the proper steps, you’ll be able to keep rodents along with other pests out and ensure that your stored items remain safe while inside of the unit. When searching for “self-storage near me” on the web, it’s always important to find a place that cares about keeping your items safe from little critters. This is why M.I. Mini Storage offers the best self-storage in Newton, NC, the best self-storage in Conover, NC, and the best self-storage in Hickory, NC. When it comes to M.I. Mini Storage, you can trust that you will keep rodents out and your items looking the same way they did the day you dropped them off after taking the right steps.

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