How to Keep Track of Inventory in Your Self-Storage

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

If you are walking around your house and feeling overwhelmed by clutter and the room that your belongings are taking up, you may want to consider renting a unit for self-storage near me. This can help you to remove the excess items from your home that you don’t use every day without having to completely dispose of them. There are great options that we offer for self-storage in Newton, NC, or self-storage in Conover, NC. Additionally, we have units for self-storage in Hickory, NC.
Now that you have rented a unit for self-storage near me, let the decluttering commence! This can be a freeing feeling, but once you have everything set aside to move into storage, it is a good idea to inventory the items that you have so that they are accounted for and also can be retrieved easily if you should need them in the future. Here at M.I. Mini Storage, we consider ourselves to be experts in organization and want to offer you our helpful tips on keeping track of your stored goods.
We recommend developing an inventory system for your self-storage in Newton, NC, self-storage in Conover, NC, or rented unit for self-storage in Hickory, NC that is similar to what retailers use for their businesses. This type of system allows items to be categorized and sorted in a manner that you know where everything is. When starting this process follow the following steps:
Some items are better suited for a self-storage unit than others. As you go through your excess belongings, things like clothing, extra dishes, and furniture can make good candidates to be packaged and moved to a unit off-property. Antiques and heirloom items should probably be secured and stored safely in your home. Additionally, if you haven’t looked at or thought about an item in years, it may be time to sell, donate, or toss it out.
Once you have everything set aside that you are going to move, make sure to pack it securely in sturdy boxes or stackable plastic bins with lids. Delicate or breakable items should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap. You should then clearly label everything in each container. You can either write directly on each container or use an adhesive card pocket which will allow you to adjust your itemized list easily if you remove or add items.
You are packed and ready to inventory! Great work. There are many great mobile applications for keeping track of your self-storage items. One of our favorites is Sortly. With this app, you can create a visual inventory with photos from your phone, categorize items, and even print and use scanned QR codes. There is also always the option of numbering your boxes and using a pencil and paper to write down what is in each numbered container. One final tip is to use shelving in your unit to make access to your items easier.
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