How to Safely Store Your Holiday Decorations in a Storage Facility

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Ryan Moore
January 1st, 2022

Now that the holidays are over, you may be looking for a place to store your holiday decorations so that your attic or garage can be used for other things. Renting a self-storage unit is a great idea for anyone looking to keep their lights, Christmas trees, or decorations safe from damage. When storing your holiday decorations there are a few tips for keeping them secure and in optimal condition so that they can be used in the years to come.

Ornaments Storage
Ornaments are beautiful, but often they are delicate and break easily. If you’re choosing a storage facility to keep your ornaments, wrap each one individually in bubble wrap and keep them in a box that is not on the floor. There are lots of options for racks that you can purchase online, so items don’t get stepped on or knocked over accidentally.

How To Store Holiday Lights
Keep your indoor and outdoor lights separate and labeled correctly, so that next year it’s easy to know which lights are which. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to detangle your lights each season, so wrapping them around an object is a great idea. Some storage unit renters use coffee cans as a means to coil their lights, but even something as simple as a piece of cardboard or a plastic hanger will do the trick.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage
If you’ve bought an artificial Christmas tree, you’ll most certainly want to store it in a unit, as it can be big and cumbersome to move. Whenever possible, try to keep the original boxes that your tree came in, so that you can use them for storage purposes. If you’ve already thrown your box away, don’t worry! You can also use a wardrobe box to store it, and they can be purchased on websites like amazon or businesses like The Container Store.

Keeping Wreaths Pristine
If you have a holiday wreath that you want to store, it’s imperative you keep it hanging on a plastic clothing hanger or in its original box. Putting wreaths in a trash bag is a sure-fire way to ruin the look of it.

Protecting Against Water Damage
As mentioned previously, you don’t want to keep holiday decorations on the ground, not only because they can be kicked or stepped on but also because storage facilities do have flooding and that can lead to ruined unusable decorations.

Choose the Right Facility
Some storage unit facilities are temperature-controlled, and some are not. If you’re looking to store artificial wreaths and trees, and live in a humid or cold state, you’ll most certainly need a temperature-controlled facility, as well as one that’s properly maintained by staff members. Touring a few different facilities gives you the chance to ask all the questions you may have and get a sense of how well kept the units are.

Now is the time to declutter your home and start the new year fresh by keeping your holiday decorations in a self-storage unit, just make sure you store your items properly so that they are usable next year.

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