How to Store Jewelry in Self-Storage Unit

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Ryan Moore
October 8th, 2021

People choose to rent a storage unit in Newton, NC, for many reasons; either they have too much furniture in their house, or they want a space to keep their holiday decorations during the other times of the year, or perhaps most often, they want to store valuable memorabilia and heirloom items in a safe and secure place. Many people choose to store jewelry and antique heirlooms in self-storage units as it keeps them safe from wear and tear and safe from theft, and loss. But to keep your jewelry in pristine condition in a storage facility, you need to know a few things. In this blog, we'll go over how to keep your jewelry free of tarnish and tangles, as well as how to organize your pieces so that you make the most out of your space.

Start With An Inventory
The first thing you want to do before you take your jewelry to a storage facility is to catalog it. This can be done with pictures saved to your desktop or a simple excel sheet. It's helpful to have an inventory so that you can look and see what is in your unit before you go there and be aware if anything is missing or misplaced.

Create Categories
After you've written your inventory, create separate categories for different metals. All your silver pieces and costume jewelry should be together, and all your gold and fine jewelry should be on its own as well. If you're someone with a lot of fine jewelry, you could go so far as to separate your gold by karat, but it's not necessary. You want to separate your jewelry by metal because gold is more malleable and delicate than silver or brass and can be scratched more easily. For the silver and costume jewelry pieces, you want to try to keep tarnishing to a minimum.

Jewelry Should Be Dry
Before you store your jewelry at the self-storage facility, clean it correctly depending on the metal and then dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. If you keep jewelry that has any moisture, mainly metal like brass or silver, or costume jewelry, it can look rusted and become unwearable. If you have a lot of vintage pieces and plan to store them in a unit for a prolonged time, it's best to remove any tarnish or dirt with a silver polishing cloth, as storing worn jewelry can cause problems with the clasps and links.

Keep The Unit Dry And Cool
If at all possible, you want to keep your storage unit dry and cool, particularly in the summer months if you live in a humid climate. Running a dehumidifier works if your unit has access to power. If not, try to wipe down the pieces at least every other week and get some airflow in your unit. Expensive pieces should be kept in their own boxes with cloth interiors. This keeps them safe from humidity as well as light and scratches with other pieces.

Storing Costume Jewelry
Costume jewelry may not be expensive, but it can be sentimental and beautiful just the same. Feel free to store your costume jewelry anywhere in your unit, but it's always best to keep the things you use most frequently closest to the front. This saves you time when you collect pieces, as they will be easily accessible, and you won't have to rearrange the unit. When storing costume jewelry, try to keep necklaces separate from one another, as the chains can get easily tangled. Some people use twist ties to separate their necklaces, while others just wire hangers or old picture frames. Some jewelry lovers organize their costume earrings in empty egg cartons so that the pairs stay together without scratching one another.

Storing Diamonds and Pearls
Diamonds should never be kept near other jewelry pieces as they are strong enough to scratch other gemstones and metals. Pearls are very delicate, so they need their soft cloth bag or even an old soft sock to keep them safe. Be sure never to store your pearls in plastic as they can interact with each other and cause damage. All fine jewelry should be insured before going into storage. Even the most secure and safe storage facility can't 100% guarantee that the worst won't happen, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping your heirloom, fine, and costume jewelry at a self-storage facility is a great way to keep your belongings safe, as long as you follow these tips. MI Mini storage in Newton, NC is ready to serve your self-storage, car storage, boat or RV storage needs.

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