Self-Storage For Seasonal Clothing

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

When it comes to life in North Carolina, you know full well that with the changing seasons comes the need to bring out your seasonal clothing. But where do you store all that seasonal clothing for your family in the months it’s not in your dresser drawers or closets? In many cases, you may have considered looking for self-storage near me on the internet to have a place for your seasonal clothing.
Whether you’re looking for self-storage in Newton, NC, or self-storage in Hickory, NC, you want to take some things into consideration that are helpful to store your seasonal clothing. Before you just go find the closest self-storage in Conover, NC facility, we want to give you some tips for storing your seasonal clothing safely. It’s essential that you prepare your clothing to be stored, not just box it all up and drop it off at your storage unit so you can save on closet or attic space.
Wash all the clothing you’re going to put in storage. Be sure that you wash all of the clothing you’re going to put into storage. The last thing that you’re going to want to have happen is opening up your unit after the hot and humid North Carolina summer and be bombarded by sweaty or musty clothing smell. It will only get worse as it sits inside your storage unit. But taking the time to wash the clothing will mean that it will all stay fresh while in storage.
Use Plastic Storage Bins A great way to also help keep your clothing fresh while in storage is to utilize plastic storage bins. Because plastic containers with lids are well-sealed, they’re ideal to store clothing in. Whether you choose to use clear plastic bins or not, be sure that you label them clearly, so you know what is inside. This prevents you from having to root through everything to find one piece of clothing or box that you forgot you didn’t want to pack!
Utilize portable wardrobes for your hanging items. Not all of your clothing is going to fit perfectly inside of a bin or box. So it’s good to consider using hanging wardrobe boxes for your hanging items or those particular delicates you would rather not have to dry clean after pulling them out of seasonal storage. Using portable wardrobes or wardrobe boxes allows you to be able to just empty your winter wardrobe from your closet and keep it on hangers, and to have the same easy transition when you want to unload it from the box next season again.
Whatever amount of seasonal clothing you need to store, it’s important that after you search for self-storage near me that you prepare all of your clothing to be stored properly. M.I. Mini Storage has many different units available whether you’re looking for self-storage in Conover, NC, self-storage in Hickory, NC, or self-storage in Newton, NC, we have the storage solutions designed to fit your needs.

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