Should You Have Multiple Storage Units?

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Ryan Moore
January 31st, 2022

Should You Have Multiple Storage Units?

Self-storage is incredibly helpful for people looking to declutter their homes, store unnecessary items, or protect valuables from damage and theft. If you’re someone who is looking to store a lot of items, or furniture that is large and cumbersome, you may be considering renting multiple storage units. Self-storage is a great way to save money while keeping valuable or meaningful items safe. However, deciding how many storage units you need to store your items, as well as which design and layouts you choose can directly affect the amount of money you can save, as well as the ease of finding things within the facility. In this blog, we’ll lay out all the pros and cons of multiple storage units, as well as what steps you can take to figure out the best option for you.

What Size Storage Units Are Available
Storage units come in many sizes, and good storage unit facilities can help you figure out what size you’ll want for storage. The smallest storage unit that is available at most facilities is 10x10 feet, and then units move up in length by feet, until you reach the largest unit. The largest storage unit you can rent is 40 by 60 feet, which is larger than the size of a studio or even a one-bedroom apartment. If you’re unsure of what size storage unit you need and are asking yourself if you should rent multiple units, go to MI Mini Storage and use their calculator. There, you can enter your furniture or items and it will tell you what size will work best.

The Plus Side Of Multiple Storage Units
Having multiple storage units makes it easy to organize your inventory and allows you to have different units for different types of things. Some people organize their multiple store units by room, others by season, others have one unit for items that are used more often and another for more long-term stored items. It is up to the renter to decide which method of organization will be most helpful and what they can remember the easiest.

However you choose to organize, the multiple units help you know where your items are located, as long as you plan before you move your things in. A faux pax that many people fall into is renting multiple self-storage units, having everything moved in by movers, and then starting to consider how best to organize. Instead, start with a plan and create an inventory of all items you plan to store, label those items plainly and write which room they should go into, and then begin your move. This avoids headaches later on and having to spend the day dragging heavy items from one unit to the next.

If you choose to have multiple units, be sure that they are all within the same storage facility and at least on the same floor, if not right next to one another. Another important thing to remember is that with multiple units, you’ll need multiple locks and keys that match. An easy way to ensure you bring the right key is to get colored key covers and use a small colored tape on the lock that it fits with.

The Downside Of Multiple Storage Units
Although renting a storage unit can be cost-effective if you want to downsize, multiple-unit rental can be pricey. It is far more expensive to have multiple small storage units than it is to have one larger unit. Some believe that the more storage units the more risk you have for theft, but this is easily avoidable with a high-quality lock and choosing a storage facility with motion sensor lights, a security camera system, and a manager or security guard who’s on-site.

What We Suggest
Oftentimes, renters aren’t fully utilizing the space of their storage unit, and don’t consider how to best organize. We suggest getting one mid-large sized unit and then spending a little extra on ample racking and shelving units, as well as organizational storage bins and labels. Building vertically in a storage unit helps maximize the space, and renters are surprised at how much can really be kept in a single unit when they organize properly.

Multiple storage units can be helpful for the organization of your items but it may be a good idea to start with a midsized unit and build the unit up vertically, knowing you can always add a second or third unit if needed. Renting a self storage unit can be a real lifesaver, when in doubt call MI Mini Storage and ask all the questions you need!

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