The Best Ways to Store Your Large Items in Your Self-Storage

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

When you need a space to store your things, whether you’re traveling out of the country or just need more room in your home, getting a self-storage unit is a great idea. But when you have many large items that you must pack into your storage unit, there are specific ways to create more space.
With the proper methods, you can store several large items into a storage unit without any issue. Below are some simple tricks on how to pack your self-storage unit when you have large items.
Take apart large furniture and Go Verticle.
When it comes to large dining room tables and bookcases, it’s always better to disassemble the furniture before putting it in storage. That will allow you to have more room when placing items in the storage unit and making it easier when you’re moving things out of your home. Storing items in a vertical position will also allow you to have more space. If you’re dealing with tables and dressers that can’t be disassembled, you can try to use those spaces for extra storage to places things in the unit.
It’s also good if you stack boxes high with larger containers in the back and furniture upright. For smaller items, you can consider putting in shelving, so it’s easier to find things.
Organize the space by the need of specific items
Along with organizing the unit by the size of the items, it’s also helpful to keep things that you aren’t going to use towards the back to have easier access to the things you’ll look for later. The extra bed you have will find a good place in the back, but those surfboards might get some air in the summer, so it’s best to keep those close to the door. You don’t want to have to spend hours looking for something that you accidentally placed at the back of the unit.
Ensure that you also organize items in specific boxes and label them before storing them away in the unit. This act will make it easier for you to get the package you’re looking for without opening everything in your storage unit. You can also create an inventory list so you can remember specifically what you put in storage.
Use clear bins instead of cardboard boxes.
While cardboard boxes have been traditionally used for moving and storing items, it’s 2021, and we’ve had clear bins for years. Clear containers are great to use because you can easily see what is inside them, and you don’t have to worry about your items getting damaged if they accidentally get wet. Clear bins are also made for long-term use, so if you even have to move your items again, you don’t have to worry about buying new boxes. In Conclusion
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