The Top 7 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting Self-Storage

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

When it comes time to type into your search "self-storage near me," you'll want to know that you have all the information possible to make the best decision. There are many factors to consider regarding renting a storage unit, whether you're looking for self-storage in Newton, NC, or for self-storage in Conover, NC.
Today, we wanted to take some time and discuss the top 7 questions that you should ask before you rent a self-storage unit. It doesn't matter if you're renting a storage unit for the first time or you've rented storage units before. It's crucially important to ask these questions as you begin your search for the right place to put your items into storage. This way, you know if they best fit your needs or not. 1. What are the hours I can access my self-storage unit? One of the most important things to know about the self-storage company that you choose to use is the hours you can get inside your unit. There are many places that have restricted hours that may not work for your schedule or when you would like to have access to your unit. While there are also storage facilities that allow 24-hour access to your unit. Be sure to ask what the hours of access are for any facility you're considering renting self-storage in Hickory, NC from.
2. Is there an ability to have climate-controlled storage?  There are many storage units that have moved to installing climate control capabilities in their units, or even entire facility. Climate-controlled units allow your belongings to be kept at a safe temperature and humidity level during those hot and humid summer months. Whether you're looking for self-storage in Newton, NC, or self-storage in Conover, NC, the humidity is the same. So be sure to ask if any facility you're considering has the ability to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.
3. What are the security measures at your facility? You're renting a storage unit so that your belongings can be kept safe at all times, not just because you need to store them. So it is essential to find out what type of security measures any facility you're considering uses on their premises. Take the time to find out if they have security measures such as gated access to the units, surveillance cameras monitoring their property, and even things like good lighting make a difference in your storage unit's safety and security. They also add protection to you when you're on the property.
4. Are there any fees that are required above the monthly rental of my storage unit?  Some self-storage in Hickory, NC facilities will offer much lower monthly rates than you find anywhere else around. It's essential to look at why they are offering those lower rents per month. Many times the case is that they are then charging you hidden fees that take your monthly costs far higher than usual. Storage facilities should only be charging you the monthly rent and a security deposit to move in.
5. Are there any current rental specials that you are running?  Many times self-storage companies will run things like move-in specials for new customers. They may even offer student or military discounts for your monthly rental fees. Be sure that you look at their website or social media pages to find out what current specials they are running before you even visit their property.
6. Can I set up autopay or pay my monthly rent online?  Be sure to ask if they offer either the ability to set up autopay on your unit or that you're able to pay for your unit online. The last thing you want to do is drive out to the storage unit every month to pay your bill. Many companies will have the ability to charge the same credit card on a set date automatically every month, so you don't have to worry if your unit is paid for or not.
7. Do I need to have storage rental insurance? You may not have known this, but there is such a thing as storage insurance! Some self-storage in Conover, NC, facilities require that every person who rents a unit from them gets storage insurance. So be sure to find out if the facility you're renting from requires it or not.
No matter where you're looking for self-storage near me, be sure that you ask these questions before you choose the company to rent with. M.I. Mini Storage has many rental units and locations for you to choose from for your storage needs. Be sure to visit our site, where we answer all these questions and more for you!

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