Tips To Prepare Your Personal Items for Storage

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Ryan Moore
July 13th, 2021

Taking advantage of self-storage in Newton, NC, can be invaluable to opening up more room in your home. You need to clear up some space in your garage or even help with things like moving to a smaller place or for RV and car storage. Whatever reason you’re looking to take advantage of self-storage in Conover, NC, and other areas, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind before you just haul everything over and load it into a unit.
There are things to consider before you load up your units, such as what things you can and cannot store in a storage unit, how you’ll keep them safe from the elements, and the size and type of unit you’ll need for your stuff. These are just starter things to consider. Let’s dive into our tips to help you prepare your personal items for storage.
Use the right packing materials. When it comes to packing your stuff up, you don’t want to use any box you can find. It’s essential that you treat storing your items the same way you would if you moved them across the country. Pack your personal items in sturdy boxes with either bubble wrap or packing paper for support to keep them from breaking. Using boxes will allow you to easily stack your belongings inside your storage unit and help maximize the space you’re renting in your self-storage in Newton, NC. It’s crucial for your dishes to use packing paper to soften and protect the storing of them inside the boxes. Moving blankets can also be your best friend to protect your favorite furniture items.
Find out what things you can and cannot store inside your storage unit. Sometimes you want to store certain things in your unit, but they may not safe to place in storage. Find out from the storage facility you’re considering what things can and cannot be stored inside their units. Most self-storage companies will happily provide you with a list of restricted items. A few examples of things that most companies will not allow to be stored in their facility include gasoline, fertilizer, paint, chemicals, explosives, propane tanks, and other flammable or corrosive materials and chemicals. Food is also a no-no to have in your storage unit, perishable items don’t do well in storage, and you’ll end up having all of your stuff smell like rotted food.
Keep your unit clean. Before you move your stuff into your new self-storage in Conover, NC, you’ll want to be sure that you sweep it out and wipe it down with an all-purpose cleaner. This allows you to move your personal belongings into a new unit without dust already collected. And also, taking a similar approach to packing your belongings can really help keep your unit clean. The last thing you want is to have dust build-up quickly inside your unit or to have everything smell musty. Cleaning all your personal items before putting them into storage will help keep them mildew free while in storage.
Clearly label all your boxes and map out how you’re storing them. Considering how you load your personal items into your unit can save you more time than you may think. Say you want to come back to your self-storage in Newton, NC, to get a few boxes that you now need, but they’re packed tightly in the back corner of your unit. How keen will you be to unload the entire unit just to get to one or two boxes? Save yourself time and money by clearly labeling all of your boxes and planning out how you’re going to load them into your unit. If you have a feeling you might come back for a specific box or item, be sure it’s loaded into your storage unit last for easy access.
Protect your stuff from the elements.  Some storage units are not climate controlled, so you’ll want to ensure that you protect your boxes and items before storing them. Wrap all your furniture in plastic wrap to preserve it from things like mildew and even mold. Seal every box as tightly as you can to keep any and all moisture out.
No matter what you plan on storing in your storage unit, be sure that you keep these things in mind as you’re packing things up and getting ready to move them to storage. At M.I. Mini Storage, we have a wide variety of units for your belongings. We even have storage space for your RV and car storage if you need it. Call us today to find out how we can help with your storage needs.

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