What are the Most Common Items Kept in Storage Units

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Ryan Moore
August 26th, 2021

What are the primary items that are stored in self-storage units?

When deciding which items you should keep in your storage unit, there are a few things you should think of, how often you use an item, if an item is sentimental or if it’s an appliance or piece of furniture that you know you’ll use in your next home, but don’t currently have the space for. In this blog, we’ll discuss which items are perfect for a storage unit and how to decide if an item should be kept at home.

Off-Season Decorations
Holiday decorations including lights, stockings, and fake Christmas trees are perfect for storing in a self-storage unit because they are used so infrequently. Nothing is more frustrating than filling your entire attic or basement with stuff that you only use for one to two months out of the year. A self-storage unit is a perfect place to keep them during summer spring and fall so they don’t clutter up your house.

Furniture That You Can’t Part With But Don’t Have Room For
Whether you’re downsizing or just want to try out a new style, furniture that’s not in use is a perfect thing to store in a storage facility, particularly if it has sentimental value. Maybe your mother gave you her old wardrobe, or you have a lovely dining room table from your first home but they simply don’t fit in your current living space, and keeping them in a storage unit is a great idea. That way, if you move into a bigger home, or ever want to use it again, you’ll still have it, and you’ll have kept it clean and safe from damage.

Many people who move into a new home have appliances they bring with them. But if your new place already has a perfectly good washer and dryer, you may think about storing your old ones. A self-storage unit gives you peace of mind that your appliances are in a clean and secure location so that you can use them in the future.

Art, jewelry, and valuable antiques can be dangerous to store at home. Getting a secure storage unit ensures that they will be safe from theft. But when deciding what to take to your unit and what to keep at home be mindful of use. If you want to wear that piece of jewelry your grandmother gave you every time you go out to dinner, a storage unit may not be the best place to keep it. Sentimental antiques that perhaps don’t fit with your design aesthetic store nicely in units so that they are protected from sunlight and harsh temperatures. Many antique collectors choose to store them in units as they are often more secure and organized than in their own homes.

How To Decide What To Take
To determine what to take to your unit and what to leave at home think about how often you use the item, how valuable it is, and does it require protection from the elements. If your item is any of these things it’s best kept in a secure clean storage unit facility.

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