What Kinds of Boxes or Containers Preserve Your Storage Items?

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Ryan Moore
June 3rd, 2022

Packing a storage unit is an organizational art form. What Marie Kondo would call necessary, is what we love to do–organizing people’s things. At MI Mini Storage we take special care in providing the right space to hold your items. It’s up to you how to store them, but we’d like to take the time to share some advice we’ve gathered through years of experience.

To make sure your things are safe and secure, it’s important to choose the right boxes. Each box is a different size and material, with a different function. Sure, it might be easy to toss everything in one giant cardboard box, but each item is different and if your goal is to keep them around for years, you need to select the right box to hold it.

How do you make the right choice on which box to buy? We’ll break down each type of box for you.

Don’t Box Yourself In
The type of box that holds your items, determines their shelf life. Choose one that actually preserves your things and takes into account what type of item it is, how long you care to store it, and where it will be stored.

Cardboard Boxes
When you think of storage or moving or anything that involves carrying stuff from place to place, you think cardboard. It’s the number one choice for most movers because they’re inexpensive and easy to carry, pack, organize, and label. Also, when you’re done with the cardboard box you can just cut it down and recycle it, or use it again in the future.

If you’re in the storage space for the long haul, cardboard boxes will not be your best bet. Why? Because cardboard boxes are basically paper pulp, they’re easily damageable by high temperatures and humidity. Also, bugs and rodents love them. If you’re opting for a non-climate-controlled unit and it isn’t safe from bugs, then your items are at risk of being devoured.

This rings true especially if you’re storing them somewhere that they are exposed to wet temperatures. Mold and mildew grow in moist environments. If you opt for a temperature-controlled facility, cardboard should be fine.

Plastic Bins
Plastic bins are great for storage. You can stack them and protect your things from unwanted pests like moisture, humidity, heat–and bugs. And don’t worry about packing tape because plastic bins come with easy seals all around the edges. They may be more expensive than cardboard boxes, but the investment is worth it as you’ll use them for much longer.

If you’re only storing for the next few months, then no need to go for plastic boxes. You won’t be able to break them down when you’re not using them, unlike with cardboard. If you are storing items someplace that doesn’t have climate control and in the long-term, then opt for plastic.

Specialty Boxes
Some belongings need extra attention and care, or maybe they’re valuable or fragile. Specialty boxes are the solution for these items. They are specially designed to hold certain items like dishes, decorations, rare books, flat-screen TVs, and art. These boxes can come in both cardboard and plastic. A great benefit of these boxes is that with inserts, items are less like to move around in transition. They may be more expensive but they have an extra layer of security.

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