What Type of Security Should Your Storage Unit Have?

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Ryan Moore
March 1st, 2022

Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to protect your furniture, excess clothing, decorations, and heirloom jewelry safe from damage and theft in the home. But finding the right storage facility with enough security depends on what you intend on storing. You want to find a well-run storage facility with multiple layers of security measures in place, as they are the ones who ensure everything is kept safe. Here we’ll go over what type of security your storage unit should have, and what you should look for in a facility.
The Basics
If you’re storing excess furniture or seasonal decorations, you may not need extensive security, what you will need is a well-made lock and a facility that’s in a relatively good neighborhood with ample lighting. While you may want your storage facility located as close to your house as possible it’s better to have to drive an extra 10 minutes and have it be placed away from big-city blocks, as this avoids break-ins.

The lock you choose is also important, many people choose the cheapest lock and then are shocked when they find their storage unit has been broken into. You can choose from either a combination lock, with a set of numbers that only you know or a keyed lock, with a key only you have. The safest options of locks are called electronic locks and they connect to an app on your smartphone. If you need simple security measures for your unit, this and a well-lit facility in a residential neighborhood will surely suffix.
What To Look For In A Storage Facility
If you’re looking to store more costly items, such as expensive antiques, jewelry, and heirloom items, you may need more than a good lock. Here, we’ll give you a few things to look for as you’re shopping around for the most secure storage facility. The best practices of a storage unit make all the difference in keeping your stored items safe from damage and theft.
Smart Facilities
Physical locks are great for lower valued items but if you have the really expensive inventory you wish to store, consider a lockless storage unit. These are advanced facilities with technology that uses Bluetooth and apps to provide entry into the facility and the individual units, giving you an extra layer of protection.
24-Hour Lights
A well-lit storage facility is important for everyone, but if you’re storing more pricey items check to see how long the facility keeps its lights on. Some facilities have motion sensor lights, and some have 24-hour lights in every hallway, elevator, and stairwell, keeping your stored items, and yourself, safe while inside.
Security Systems and Alarms
A good facility will have an alarm system that is active when the facility is shut down, during nighttime and holidays. If there’s an attempted break-in the alarm sounds and the police are called, giving the thief only a short window to run away or be caught. Security cameras also make an effective security measure and some facilities have them placed both inside the facility and in the parking lot, running 24/7, allowing them to be aware of any possible thieves in the area.
What Every Storage Unit Renter Should Have Some facilities will give you built-in insurance within the contract you sign. However, storage facility contracts generally only cover up to a thousand dollars of damage, if you need more, it’s a good idea to either add it to your homeowner's insurance or pay for self-storage insurance separately.
The type of security your storage unit should have is completely dependent on what you intend on keeping. But a good rule of thumb to remember is that you need ample lighting, a strong lock, and a well-managed facility.

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