Why You Should Go Through Your Storage Unit Quarterly

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Ryan Moore
January 24th, 2022

Why You Should Go Through Your Storage Unit Quarterly

If you are renting a storage unit, it’s easy to forget about it and continue on with your life. However, you must visit, check the facility, and go through your storage unit at least quarterly if not monthly. Here, we’ll go over all the reasons you have to go through your storage unit often.

Checking For Damage
Packing your self-storage unit correctly will help prevent damage to your items. If you’ve opted to store boxes in your unit but it’s always a good idea to look in and see if everything is in peak condition. As long as your boxes are not left directly on the floor you should be fine, but there’s always the chance that a box will have gotten damp. Checking quarterly will allow you to replace damp boxes quickly and avoid mold and mildew growth.

Weather Concerns
You should check your storage unit quarterly, but if the facility has seen a lot of snow or rain, it may be a good idea to stop by and make sure the unit is dry. Water damage is one of the most common issues that storage units face, but if you catch it early, you can avoid long-term damage to your items. This is also why you should always opt for a climate-controlled facility, even if it’s the slightly more expensive option, as it will help your stored material remain unharmed.

Mother nature can also take a toll on renters in California. Although California doesn’t see as much rain, they have their issues. Fire and earthquakes can cause damage within units, and self-storage units should be checked after both. The facility will reach out directly if they’ve been affected by an earthquake and they most certainly will let renters know if there’s been a fire, but checking your unit often gives you an added comfort.

Peace of Mind
Choosing a storage facility that has motion lights, or lights that stay on all night can help to prevent theft and break-ins, as well as a facility that has cameras and or a manager who is on-site walking the ground. But even the most well-run storage facilities can have unfortunate incidents, and checking your unit quarterly helps you feel secure that your belongings are still there. Before renting a self-storage unit you should have a list of inventory and create a well-organized system complete with clear labeling on your boxes. If a theft does occur, you want to know sooner rather than later, so that you can file the proper claims. Renters can also add extra insurance, either through the facility or through their home insurance, if they are storing valuable items.

Self Storage units in Newton, NC are a great way to declutter your home, but if you don’t go through them at least quarterly, things can begin to accumulate. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do an inventory check quarterly, making sure you still need everything inside, and that you aren’t buying things again that are being stored and forgotten. Reserve your storage unit today at MI Mini Storage in Newton, NC.

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